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A 16 year old boy with left ankle sprain

Case Identification
Case ID Number: 
Clinical case information
Case presentation: 

The patient is 16, and he had a spraining injury to the left ankle, whereupon an x-ray of the ankle was taken. This showed a lesion in the left calcaneus.

Radiological findings:: 
The patient is relatively healthy, with no significant past or present illness. He plays football and is looking forward to participating if possible this coming fall. The patient has been noticing some discomfort in the foot but he is walking normally wearing regular shoes and does not have an appreciable limp. He does not feel a mass or swelling in the area. There is some tenderness on the left calcaneus which is not present on the right. No mass or expansion or swelling of the calcaneus is noted. The subtalar joint motion appears normal. Ankle motion is normal.