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An 8 year old boy with a crooked leg and multiple bone tumors

Case Identification
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Clinical case information
Case presentation: 

An 8 year old Nicaraguan boy has a crooked left leg. He is generally healthy, and has no complaints. His mother says he has pain in his left knee, but he denies this.

Radiological findings:: 
There are multiple lesions in multiple bones, including the proximal femurs, proximal tibias, distal radii, metacarpals and phalanges of both hands, with some bowing and deformity of the left tibia and one radius. The larger lesions have distinctive longitudinal lines that run parallel in pairs like sled runner tracks.In some areas there are smaller round lesions with a variable sclerotic rim.
Laboratory results:: 
Differential Diagnosis: 
Children with multiple bone lesions are a special diagnostic category, which includes only a small number of conditions. These include syndromes named after Albright, Campanacci, Ollier, and Mafucci, plus hereditary multiple exostoses and polyostotic Langerhans cell histicytosis.
Special Features of this Case:: 
The patient was treated at the HEODRA hospital in Leon, Nicaragua