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Our fellowship program

Our Fellowship / Observership Program in Boston, USA

We welcome you to apply for our 3-month observership in general orthopedics, orthopedic foot and ankle surgery and bone tumor surgery. All individuals are encouraged to apply regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. The 3-month periods begin in January, April, and September of each year. A free room for one person is provided.

Who is qualified for this observership? You need to have completed your medical degree, and at least 2 years of post-doctoral training in orthopedics. You must apply and be accepted by the program sponsor. You must have a recommendation from your current program director. If you would like to know if you are qualified, please contact us.

What English language skills do I need for this observership? You need to have good or very good english language skills, both reading comprehension and spoken language.

How will I get a visa for entry into the United States for this observership? You need to get your own visa for entry into the United States. The program sponsor can write you a letter to take to the visa office, but we cannot arrange the visa for you. This is the most problematic requirement for many applicants. Please consider the visa situation carefully before you begin your application.

How much money will I need for this observership? You need to be able to pay for your own travel to and from Boston, plus daily meals. A free room is provided, but no cooking is allowed. You will need to get meals at the hospital cafeteria or buy your own meals elsewhere. You will need money for personal items. Estimated cost is about 200 -300 USD per month. There are no other costs.

Will this experience help me to find a job in the United States? This opportunity is not intended to help you immigrate to the USA. You must be planning to return to your country after the observership is over. We want you to use your new knowledge and skills in your own country where you are most needed.

What will I learn during this observership?

You will be learning general orthopedic surgery, orthopedic foot and ankle surgery, and orthopedic tumor surgery / orthopedic oncology. You will see patients and observe in the operating room (but not scrub). You will attend grand rounds and other didactic lectures with the other residents and students. You will be expected to complete a clinical research project for publication at a regional or national meeting, or publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

How should I apply for this observership?

You will need to submit paper copies, by conventional mail, of your CV and copies of your medical degree and your certificates of post-graduate training, along with a letter from your program director, to Dr. DeGroot. We welcome your email inquiry about the program but we do not accept applications via email.
Please contact us at the following email address: questions (at) drdegroot.com