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located in multiple bones

Clear Cell Chondrosarcoma

Clear Cell Chondrosarcoma is a destructive low-grade malignant tumor which presents in adults. Clear cell chondrosarcoma is uncommon and accounts for about 2% of all chondrosarcomas.
Most patients diagnosed with clear cell chondrosarcoma were in 3rd and 4th decades of life. Most common location is in epiphysis. The most common sites of involvement are the proximal femur, proximal humerus, distal femur and proximal tibia.
The most common symptoms are pain and swelling, that usually are of long duration. There may be limitation of the range of motion of the involved joint. On radiographs, these tumors are well-circumscribed mixed lucent and sclerotic lesions with an active appearance.
Treatment and prognosis: En bloc resection with a wide margin of normal bone and soft tissue is the procedure of choice.

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Condroma Perióstico

Condroma perióstico es un encondroma que se produce en la superficie del hueso, bajo el periostio.
Este tumor se puede presentar tanto en niños como en adultos.
Los pacientes se quejan de una oferta inflamación o masa. Una lesión en la superficie del hueso con la matriz del cartílago, que puede "anular y arco" o "palomitas" patrón de calcificación. El tumor hace que el hueso subyacente para convertirse en la esclerótica, y puede haber un contrafuerte o en la pared periférica de hueso reactivo en el borde del tumor. La corteza puede ser anormal o adelgazado localmente tot adyacentes se tumor.
Escisión simple de este tumor por lo general se cura.

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Dedifferentiated Chondrosarcoma

Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma is a high-grade sarcoma that develops in a preexisting benign cartilage tumor, or in a preexisting low / intermediate grade chondrosarcoma. The tumor is a spindle cell sarcoma, most commonly osteosarcoma or malignant fibrous histiocytoma. The low grade and high grade portion are adjacent but distinct. Prognosis is poor.

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