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A young man with a very painful lesion of the knee

Case Identification
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Periosteal Reaction: 
Clinical case information
Case presentation: 

This 15 year old boy has a painful tumor in his tibia, near the knee. A biopsy showed "giant cells" in the lesion. It continued to grow, and he has pain, a mass, and substantial leg atrophy.

Radiological findings:: 
A sclerotic and granular appearing lesion in the posterior and lateral tibial plateau, just under the joint surface, with some enlargement of the bone. There is a healed incision, without any sign of infection, but the area is very tender to the touch.
Laboratory results:: 
None available
Differential Diagnosis: 
Infection, chondroblastoma, osteosarcoma
Pathology results:: 
Treatment Options:: 
Based on a presumptive diagnosis, a thorough curettage of the lesion was performed.
Special Features of this Case:: 
The patient was treated at the HEODRA hospital in Leon, Nicaragua