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A woman who bumped her arm 2 years ago

Case Identification
Case ID Number: 
Clinical case information
Case presentation: 

The patient is a very pleasant woman who states that she bumped her forearm on the right side approximately 2 years ago, and has noticed a lump there since then. She believes it has not changed in size, but it has become more painful.

Examination shows that there is a palpable but ill-defined mass on the ulnar border of the forearm, about midshaft. It feels to be about 3 cm in length. It is tender. There is no pulsations and no warmth. No regional or central lymphadenopathy. No associated skin lesion.

Radiological findings:: 
X-rays show that there is a lesion in the superficial cortex of the ulna, in the same place as the palpable bump, with lytic destruction of the cortex of the ulna and an expansile mass with a very thin periosteal shell.