Small Cell Osteosarcoma
     Small cell osteosarcoma accounts for 1% of all osteosarcomas and was first
described in 1979. This lesion is found in the metaphysis of long bones.
On plain x-ray, small cell osteosarcoma is an osteoblastic lesion that extends into the shaft of the bone. It has a permeative destructive pattern.
     Histologically, small cell osteosarcoma has scanty osteoid production and is an intraosseus lesion. This high grade tumor consists mostly of solid areas of small round or spindle cells and resembles Ewing's sarcoma.
     Small cell osteosarcoma has an extremely poor prognosis. There is some evidence to suggest that it might be more effective to treat this tumor like other small cell tumors as opposed to osteosarcoma.

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