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Case: Symptoms and Presentation

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 5 - Patient T.R.C. - Female 37 Right distal radius dorsal bone lesion

This woman had a biopsy last year by a visiting medical team, but no one informed her of the diagnosis. She says the mass is larger. Moderate pain. No inflammation. Well healed scar.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 2 - Patient C.J.C. - Male 15 right distal quads mass

15 year old male with mass over lateral distal femoral condyle - xrays normal - mass/thickening found in distal lateral quads tendon.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 1 - Patient G.J.R.C. Male 65 left posterior thigh mass

This man has a 3 month history of progressive growth of a posterior thigh mass. Otherwise he is well and appears healthy.

A man with multiple skin tumors and a thigh mass

This man has multiple skin lesions as shown. A large, deep, painless, progressively growing soft mass is present in the left posterior thigh. Sensation is normal in the left leg and foot. What is the likely diagnosis? Given the diagnosis you suspect, what treatment is required?

Not a hematoma, not a ruptured tendon, a tumor needing treatment

A woman had a painless growing mass in her leg. A PCP called it a "hematoma". Months passed, and she developed foot drop on the same side, meanwhile the mass is larger. A foot doctor noted the mass but said the foot drop was due to a "ruptured tendon". Finally her acupuncturist told her to get the mass checked.

A man who has to wear size12EEEEEE shoes

A 54-year-old man has a medial and a lateral mass on the foot. Both have been growing steadily for years. He must wear EEEEEE width shoes. The diagnosis is evident from the xray and the photo of the mass.

A painless thigh mass for 2 years

A 56 year old woman had a light injury to her thigh and noticed a bump in the lateral part of the thigh. Two years later, the bump was still there, basically unchanged. An MRI was made and is shown. The results of a biopsy are shown

Ouch! A tumor in the heel that hurts so much she can't put it down.

A year old woman has an exquisitely painful area on her heel. The are has become so painful she must walk on her toes. It is extremely sensitive to cold, as well as any pressure.

What does this man have?

This 32 year old Nicaraguan man has multiple lumps on his bones. The one behind his left neck has been growing and is bothering him. He says 5 of his 8 brothers and sisters also have this problem. What does he have? What is the cause of the growth of the tumor behind his neck? What is the correct treatment for this tumor?

An 8 year old boy with a crooked leg and multiple bone tumors

An 8 year old Nicaraguan boy has a crooked left leg. He is generally healthy, and has no complaints. His mother says he has pain in his left knee, but he denies this.