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Case: Symptoms and Presentation

A woman with knee pain and a lesion in the femur

This woman has activity related knee pain,and some pain at rest. A lesion is found in the distal emur, medial femoral condyle, and the concern is what may be causing the pain.

Aching pain in the knee and popcorn on the xray

This 58-year-old woman has six months of aching pain in the back of the right knee with no history of injury. X-rays show a lesion with a popcorn appearance.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 6 - Patient V.V.E - 49 Female Multifocal soft tissue lesion carpal tunnel 5th finger flexor sheath

Previous excision 1 year ago wrist mass, now with recurrence of larger wrist mass as well as new 5th finger mass, moderate pain.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 4 - Patient E.R.M. - Male 17 Right 5th finger distal phalanx bone lesion

Pt states there is constant dull aching pain in the tip of the 5th finger which is worse at night. The end of the finger is swollen and painful to the touch. He has been taking ibuprofen and it helps reduce the pain.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 3 - Patient Y.M.H. - Female 14 left medial ankle soft tissue mass

Teenage girl with superficial painless mass medial ankle, with some nodular areas. At surgery, the lesion is cutaneous /subcutaneous in location - underlying structures not involved. Present for one year and growing slowly.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 5 - Patient T.R.C. - Female 37 Right distal radius dorsal bone lesion

This woman had a biopsy last year by a visiting medical team, but no one informed her of the diagnosis. She says the mass is larger. Moderate pain. No inflammation. Well healed scar.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 2 - Patient C.J.C. - Male 15 right distal quads mass

15 year old male with mass over lateral distal femoral condyle - xrays normal - mass/thickening found in distal lateral quads tendon.

Nicaragua 2013 - Case 1 - Patient G.J.R.C. Male 65 left posterior thigh mass

This man has a 3 month history of progressive growth of a posterior thigh mass. Otherwise he is well and appears healthy.

A man with multiple skin tumors and a thigh mass

This man has multiple skin lesions as shown. A large, deep, painless, progressively growing soft mass is present in the left posterior thigh. Sensation is normal in the left leg and foot. What is the likely diagnosis? Given the diagnosis you suspect, what treatment is required?

Not a hematoma, not a ruptured tendon, a tumor needing treatment

A woman had a painless growing mass in her leg. A PCP called it a "hematoma". Months passed, and she developed foot drop on the same side, meanwhile the mass is larger. A foot doctor noted the mass but said the foot drop was due to a "ruptured tendon". Finally her acupuncturist told her to get the mass checked.